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  Read what other guests say about their holiday in Sälen

  Hi, We have had a great time and loved the cabin an its space. Hopefully until an other time :)
  We have also recommended it to friends. Kindly Esther and Rob (Movägen 1A)

  Just want to say thanks - great cabin and location. All very easy. Have a good season! Regards Paul (Tandåbyn 10B)

  The stuga is really wonderful and the area is great. We loved it last year and it’a always a pleasure to deal with you.
  Thank you! Sharon (Tandåbyn 10B)

  Hej Ewa, Thank you for renting us a nice cottage from Högfjället. Everything went well and we were very satisfied with
  the accommodation. Kind regards, Juha Matilainen (Fjällripan 8A)

  We had a wonderful stay in Sweden and the house was very nice and well equipped.
  Best regards Marcus (Hakevägen 3A)

  Dear Ewa, meanwhile, we have returned to Nuremberg, after a wonderful week in Sälen! We really enjoyed the stay
  in your beautiful cottage!! Everything was fine and worked well. Best wishes & kind regards, Stefan (Hedvägen 10)

  Very charming and tasteful cottage that made our holiday in Sälen marvellous. One of the best we ever rented. Well equipped
  kitchen. Plenty of space around the dining table (we were 8 people), cosy sofa and armchairs in the dining room with flat screen
  TV and fireplace. We will definitely be back. Greetings Helena (Knappstigen 4)

  We rented one of your cottages last year and were very pleased. Therefore we would like to come back this year and rent again.
  Ulf (Hedvägen 23)

  It was a wonderful cottage we rented. Nice sauna, dishwasher, comfortable double bed. We will come back and stay longer next time
   We made the cleaning properly by the check list. We left the cottage the way we want it to be when we arrive.
  Best regards, Magnus (Hedvägen 10)

  It was wonderful in your cottage. We did not need TV but sauna! Greetings and thank you very much.
  Monika, Inge & Heinz (Hedvägen 12)

  We would like to stay longer in Tandadalen. The appartment in Jossivägen is very very nice!
  Thanks and best regards Christiane (Jossivägen 19)

  We were very happy with the cottage, very nice and in good location. Thanks for us. We will certainly return.
  Regards Jan (Hedvägen 10)

  Just want to thank you for how well it worked to rent cottage from you. We had very nice days at Hundfjälllet.
  We will come back another year! Thank you. Roger (Hedvägen 12)

  We had a wonderful 5-day week! Super cozy cottage. Greetings o thanks again. Magdalena E (Tandåbyn 4A)

  Thank you for our stay in your nice cottage, it was really well equipped. We have been enjoying this week.
  It is a very beautiful area and close to Norway, which we visited one day. Ingeborg and Henry (Hedvägen 10)

  Thank you so much for us and I would like to mention that we were very happy with the cottage. Berit S (Utterstigen)

  We are grateful for this week in your cozy cabin and hope that we will be able to return. Ms Z-H (Utterstigen)

  We stayed at Hedvägen 10 Hundfjälllet this week, everything was great and we would like to thank warmly for a pleasant stay.
   Sincerely Jaakko V

  Just wanted to send a greeting after our stay in the cottage Tandåbyn 10B, this past weekend! We had a wonderful time
  and will certainly return in the future! Thank you! Bojan

  Thanks for the stay in your nice house. Regards Åke (Movägen 9A)

  Had a great weekend in this lovely cottage! The big plus was that the heat was on when we arrived. We will return in the winter for
  skiing o Jägermeister. Rehnbergs gets top ratings, 5 stars from of all of us. So long we salute from Västmanland (Hedvägen 10)

  Thanks for a great week in a very nice cabin. Everything worked fine. We were 4 adults and it was perfect. Location and surroundings
  gave us the relaxation we were looking for. Sincerely Gunnel L (Movägen 9B)

  Quiet and secluded location with few houses nearby. Affordable semi-detached house with a sauna. We are here for the third time -
  we are totally satisfied! Service-oriented landlord - which is easy to connect with. Stig Z (Movägen 9A)

  Very nice and good accommodation. High standard at a very good price! Also great location within walking distance to grocery stores and
  to lead to hike in! Annika (Tandåbyn 4A)

  We have returned home after a very enjoyable week in Salen / Tandådalen. The cottage was great and with personality.
  Location was also very good. Most likely it will be a trip to the mountains next year. Sincerely Bertil & Ingela A (Tandåbyn)

  We want to thank you for a lovely week in Hundfjälllet. Very nice cottage and we very much enjoyed even with the slopes and ski trails.
  Thanks and maybe we will come back! Mia F and a very happy family (Movägen 11)

  Want to mention that we had a great week, the week after New Year's weekend, and we were very happy with the cottage in Hundfjälllet.
  It was we who were helped to escape from a room where the door deadlocked. Thank you again! Anna B with family * 2 (Hedvägen 10)

  Thanks Ewa for the stay in Salen. It was nice days in Fjällripan 8A. The house was big enough for us and everything worked fine.
  There was even a little snow in both the slopes and tracks. We felt like the last enthusiasts. Sincerely Ingela and Anders

  Just a quick thank you to let you know we enjoyed very our stay in the "house". I have already passed on your website
  with my recommendations to a number of friends who are interested in possibly skiing in Sweden. It was our first time
  in Sälen and most likely not our last. Marc D (Movägen 9B)

  I would like to thank you for our nice stay. Everything was excellent and we would be glad to return to it the next year.
  With very best regards. Augimantas and family (Tandåbyn)

  We are now sitting in the cottage we rented our last night! It is sad to leave this your fine cottage and the wonderful mountain environment.
  The entire stay has been very successful with beutiful weather almost all the time. Regards Annika and Pär A (Tandåbyn 4A)

  What a lovely cottage, we enjoyed very much staying there during our Easter holiday. Karin Nilsson (Hedvägen 10)

  We have just returned home after a wonder week in Tandådalen. We were very pleased with the cottage in Tandåbyn,
  its standard och conveniences. Maria B (Tandåbyn 8A)

  Thank you for a nice weekend in Orrliden, it was perfect. We'll be back another year. Kenneth (Utterstigen)

  I just want to send you a mail and thank you for the very nice cottages I rent in Tandåbyn, everything was perfect.
  Beautiful weather and a lot of snow. We will come back. Mvh Lasse (Tandåbyn 4B)

  I would like to thank you very much fo your stuga. It was really comfortable and cute. We spent wonderful vacation,
  landscape is gorgeous and people are very nice. I hope we left it clean enough. Thank yo again.
  Kind regards, Hélène (Tandåbyn)

  We are very satisfied with our weekend in Sälen. It was the first time i was there and the weather was great.
  The cottage had everything we wanted. Ann-Marie W (Utterstigen)

  We will enjoy trying another cottage. We like Salbäcksheden best so we think it will work out fine.
  Barbro (Movägen 9A)

  Our family rented a cottage last Christmas in Salbäcksheden and had such a good time with brilliant weather and a lot
  of snow. We would like to come back with our grandchildren and spend next Christmas in one of your nice cottages.
  They look so great all of them. A N-L (Movägen 9)

  The cottage was very nice and the week was perfect. Thank you for a nice holiday week. Carina (Tandåbyn 6A)

  We have had a great time in this lovely cottage. We have visited Trysil and Lindvallen, but nothing compares to
  Hundfjället. After a long day outdoor it was so nice to come back to the cottage.
  Two families (Tandåbyn)

  The cottage was very nice, facilities, standard and beds. Our children had a fantastic time. Very close to Hundfjället,
  shops etc. The third day we went to Trysil, 45 min away with good slopes, but EXPENSIVE! Fam. W (Hedvägen 10)

  Now we are home after a fantastic shortweek in your cottage. Everything was great, even the weather was acceptable,
  not too cold. Close to cross country tracks and the slopes in Tandådalen. Hans D (Utterstigen)

  Thank you for a nice week in your cottage in Salbäcksheden. It was perfect and very cosy.
  Kind regards Jörgen (Hedvägen 10)

  We have had a lovely week. Fantastic cottage with all facilities. We long to come back.
  Fam. Abrahamsson-Carlsson (Hedvägen 10)

  We are back in Germany and we had a nice time in your houses in Tandbyn, it was nearly perfect there. We missed the
  snow a little, so we were for three days in Trysil. I hope we leaved your houses well cleaned for the next guests.
  Best regards K-P Römer (Tandåbyn 4B)

  We just want to tell you that the cottage was very nice. All usentilities in the kitchen for cooking and dishwasher and
  washing machine. Warm and cosy indoors. Ann-Britt W (Hedvägen 10)

  We have had a splended week with a lot of sunshine. Most of the time we spent in the slopes. The cottages suited us
  perfectly. Fam Johansson (Tandåbyn 8A)

  The weekend in Sälen was wonderful. We hope to rent the same cottage next year. N Andersson (Tandåbyn 6A)

  The cottage was great and we hope to come back. We just have positive things to say about our lovely holiday.
  N.A.R.R (Hedvägen 10)

  We have had a wonderful week in your cottage. Comfortable beds, good video-films and a dishwasher which took care of
  all dishes. From us in Jönköping (Tandåbyn 4B)

  What a nice cottage! We are completely satisfied, splended weather and fantastic skiing! JG (Movägen 11)
  Thank you for letting us rent your nice cottage in Tandåbyn. We have had a wonderful vacation with a lot of sunshine and
  skiing from morning to sunset. The slopes were great. Everything in the cottage was good. Lars P (Tandåbyn 8A)
  Very nice cottage, splended weather and perfect skiing made our week very successful. Pia G (Hedvägen 10)
  Thank you for a very nice website with all cottages, photos and price list. Very easy to find what you are looking for.
  Many thanks for a wonderful holiday in Tandåbyn. I hope this wasn't the last time. Helle K (Tandåbyn)
  We are back at home after a wonderful holiday! I wanted you to know we very much enjoyed the stay in Tandabyn and in
  Sweden all together. Your stuga answered fully to our expectations and in the future we hope to be back. Thanks so much!
  Greetings, Anika K (Tandåbyn)
  We want to thank you for a nice cottage, it suited us perfectly. We went home on Saturday, we felt that we had got all
  we wanted...great weather and a lot of skiing. We have got a very nice tan. Agnetha J (Tandåbyn)
  We had a great time here. Many, many thanks for a lovely cottage. We felt just like at home. Thank you!

  We want to thank you for a wonderful week in your nice and cosy cottage. We went skiing downhill and cross country.
  The weather was good, sometimes cloudy but mostly nice. Good temperature too. Roger (Movägen 9A)
  We loved the cottages. We are 14 people with children and grandchildren, so it suited us perfectly with so many beds.
  R.J (Movägen 9A+9B)
  Thank you for letting us rent your cottage. It was very nice and proper. We had a wonderful week with a lot of snow and
  sunshine. Aslaug (Tandåbyn)
  COSY COTTAGE! ++++ Many TV-channels. We could have had a TV-week instead of a ski-week!! Comfortable sofas
  to relax in. Fam. Jansson (Hedvägen 10)
  I would like to book a cottage in Tandåbyn again for next winter! We were so pleased with the cottage and the place
  alltogether last year. Anette H (Tandåbyn 10B)
  We have had a wonderful week in your little and cosy cottage. Thanks for this time! Bo K (Utterstigen)
  I just want to say thank you.We had such luck with the weather. We'll send an new request for the next season!
  Magnus (Tandåbyn)

  Fantastic cottage, I have stayed in many others, but this one had everything. Hope to be back soon!
  Greetings from Borås (Tandåbyn 4B)

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